Questions to better serve our customers when calling or coming in to make a purchase:
Make and model of your vehicle?   Year manufactured?   Specific name of part you need?   VIN number?
Mechanical parts:   Cubic inches? Ratios? Options?
Collision parts: Front or rear? Passenger or driver side? Options?

Do you offer warranties on parts purchased?

We offer one of the best warranties in our industry. See Warranties on our website for information.

Where do you get your vehicles?

Nearly all salvage vehicles are purchased from salvage auctions where insurance companies sell their total loss vehicles. All these vehicles were involved in an accident where the insurance companies determine if the cost of repairing the damaged vehicle exceeds the vehicle value and if so they offer it for sale. All these vehicles were running and driving at the time of the accident so the parts are in good condition for sale.

Can I view the vehicle before purchasing the part?

Nearly every vehicle we purchase is imaged on our computer system and available for viewing.

How are your parts inspected and stored in the warehouse?

Each vehicle is dismantled inside our dismantling facility where they are inspected, tested, and cleaned before being placed in specialized racks for safe storage. Any part that is determined to be defective is scrapped. Many times there are mechanical parts that cannot be tested due to the severity of the accident, but every measure is taken to provide a quality recycled part to our customer.

What if you do not have the part in stock?

Stadium Auto Parts is connected to over 3,000 recyclers throughout the United States so we can locate the part you need and get it quickly. We also offer a local locating service in the Denver area that we can refer to you. All these services are offered as a free service to our customers.

Do you offer shipping and delivery?

We offer shipping literally to any destination in the world. We also deliver in the metro area to any collision or mechanical shop. Through the use of couriers, we also provide delivery services throughout Colorado.

Can I locate a part and purchase it online?

Our web site provides customers to not only search our inventory for parts needed, but also to allow you to purchase online. Just hit the parts locating button on our website.

If you have any additional questions feel free to give us a call or email any questions to

We would be happy to assist you in any way possible.