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About Stadium Auto Parts

Celebrating Beyond Our 75th Anniversary

Stadium Auto Parts Inc., Colorado’s leader in the automotive recycling industry, celebrates 75 years of business in 2020. Stadium was founded in 1945 and continues to serve its customers in the Denver area.

Our founder, Hyman Wright, began the business in 1945, operating out of a single garage located in Denver. His commitment to growth and service was apparent from the beginning, expanding his facility with additional new buildings and infrastructures. His son, Norman, took over the business in 1971, after graduating from the University of Colorado with a business degree. The business continued to grow and expand and is presently known internationally as one of the finest auto recycling facilities.

Stadium Auto Parts is proud to be part of the Henderson and Denver Metro community over the past 70+ years. As the leader in their industry, this modern, efficient company looks forward to the future of recycling and providing their customers with quality product at cost saving prices.

Stadium Auto Parts offers quality late-model domestic and foreign used auto parts. We are a member of the Premium Recycled Parts (PRP) group, as well as the United Recyclers Group (URG) which guarantees clean, well-inspected, insurance quality auto parts. We are also a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), which Norman served as President of the association in 1998.


Stadium Auto Parts specializes in late-model Domestic and Import autos. Our parts come from the most popular vehicles on the road today. They are all cleaned, tested, and computer inventoried to offer you the fastest, most dependable used parts. To have a look at our salvage yard and car parts online, please click on Tour and see for yourself!

Recycling Makes Sense. Saving Money Makes Sense. Stadium Auto Parts Makes Sense.


Stadium Auto Parts offers free local deliveries to collision and mechanical repair facilities. If you are located outside the Denver Metro area, we will gladly ship your parts to you as quickly as possible. We will happily work with you to get your parts to you by any means necessary!

See how Fedex SameDay City local courier service helped Henderson, Colorado’s Stadium Auto Parts CEO and President Norman Wright provide dependable same day pickup and delivery of premium replacement auto parts to local customers, while shortening cycle times and reducing down time.

*Next Day deliveries are not available on special order parts, special cuts, and are not guaranteed.


Stadium Auto Parts offers both a local and national parts locating service. If Stadium does not have the part you are looking for, our sales staff will find it for you! Our professional sales people will try our local service first, determining within minutes whether your part is available. At your request, we can search for your part nationally using a national locating services, including 2,000 recyclers nationwide.

Either way, your parts request will be handled quickly and efficiently!

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