Stadium Auto Parts has been recycling since 1945. Auto recycling is the solution to automotive solid waste. Our industry recycles over 95% of the automobiles as compared to the 65% of aluminum cans. There are virtually no derelict vehicles seen around our country thanks to auto recyclers.

The three R’s of recycling according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Our industry acquires over 4.7 million vehicles each year for the purpose of recycling. These vehicles come primarily from individual owners and salvage auctions. Each year our industry recycles eleven million gallons of oil and six million tires. Over $50 million dollars is spent yearly on environmental compliance and over $300 million dollars is spent on equipment.

Our industry recycles

Each vehicle we purchase is drained of all hazardous materials. We recycle all the fluids by reuse. All the oils are collected and burned in our waste oil heaters. Anti-freeze is sold for reuse in our customers vehicles. Batteries are sold for reuse or to EPA approved recyclers. Freon is sold for reuse to certified installers. Even the washer fluids are recycled and sold.

The insurance industry lowers the severity of their claims by recovering their losses in the sale of the total loss vehicles to our industry and the use of our recycled parts in the repairs. This allows for lower insurance premiums for all of us.

We are a family owned company that employs people, pays taxes, supports our community, recycles end-of-life vehicles, offers recycled parts at 50% to 60% below new OEM parts, and requires no outside subsidies. We honestly believe we are the solution to the solid waste problem and provide a great recycled alternative product to repair our customer’s vehicles.